T2 industry core
Rorq Ship 4
Drone 5

Currently docked in jita
no other jump clones
no killrights and positive wallet


I offer 15B right now. Convo me ingame, or write back.

22b offered

23b for quick sale


Abramn accept.waitting your isk and account info.

well give me a little time to set up a new account.The details will be sent to Notoro letter

money transferred 23.5 billion
details in the letter

already submit ticket to trans character.just wait

I have not yet received a confirmation e-mail transfer character

GM not reply me too,i trans char pay for plex . so i can only do it by GM.

well please write here when the transfer will begin

Since the transfer of money to you 23.5 billion has been more than two hours,the transfer of the character I have not received.

If you fail to transfer the character within the next two hours, please return my money.Or I will write to support that you are a fraud

if you want i’ll cancel it and return your isk

I’ll wait…please remove the photo as there personal information

GM reply me maybe it will done soon

character got.Thanks.sorry for the nerves)

Fly safe! bye~

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