I have been playing Eve for a while now, but have never ventured into WH space. I log on at least once a week and play between 0200 - 0500. Friendship is the best ship in Eve, so I’d like to find a group that is active during this time. My hope is to learn the basics of WH life and really build my pvp/hunting skills.

I would like to start with a corp by joining my 30 SP scanning/logi/ewar alt. This char is proficient with the Loki and Proteus, and can skill into any doctrine cruiser and below with ease. I would like to experience WH life before committing all my toons, but if it is a good fit, I’d be moving over my 70 SP main, cap alts, indy toons, and hauler. Hope to hear from you.


Give us a shout, I think we have what youre looking for:

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Hey man, sounds like you’d be a solid fit for us. Lots of nanogang and cloaky t3c ganks (check our killboard).

02:00-04:00 is when we get most of our things done on weekdays, since we’re EST and PST.

Can vouch, these are cool too, though I need to bump into them more often :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can’t wait for round 2! Brought in another HFI for you guys to kill :joy:

Luckily there’s no wrong answer @Communard_Proudhon! Bunch of cool dudes just blowing up ships :slight_smile:

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