(Kodac limlace) #1

Priced at 4 billion ISK.

Isk: 0
Remaps: 1
Location: Amarr
Corporation: NPC
Jump Cones: APM-6K (1)
Skill Points: 5.5 Million

(Please do not give an offer under 4B, I will not accept)

(Kodac limlace) #2


(Tubertini) #3

4.5b buyout

(Tubertini) #4

retracted, seller is too slow

(Kodac limlace) #5

Bump! Still for sale

(Kodac limlace) #6

Haven’t been able to get on consistently due to IRL, will sell for a 4.2B Buyout for the inconvenience

(Sasheria Windsong) #7

4bill :slight_smile: :)’

(Kodac limlace) #8

Okay deal accepted, we can start transfer once you message Kodac in game :slight_smile:

(Kodac limlace) #9

BUMP! Still for sale buyer has not responded

(Kodac limlace) #10

Still for sale…

(Kodac limlace) #11