(Herpa ZeDerp) #1

Amarr Cruiser 4, so close to have HAC’s and HIC’s, flies ceptors and dictors so an easy jump to some corporation. Of course it can light a cyno.

+4 implants and 2 remaps available.
Currently as an alpha, do not have enough time to fly many characters.
Sitting in Amarr, 0.0 sec status.

5bil and we have a deal.

(4th Place Loser) #2

You have to take care of the transfer fee as the Character Bazaar policy states.

(Herpa ZeDerp) #3

Ok, that wasn’t always the case. Ty for pointing that out.

(Red Lola) #4

4.5 bil here

(Herpa ZeDerp) #5

4,8 and back to business… :slight_smile:

(Herpa ZeDerp) #6


(Muranes Falvore) #7


(Herpa ZeDerp) #8


I’ll PM you the account to send the details and ISK

(Muranes Falvore) #9

Shouldn’t i send it to this toon?

(Herpa ZeDerp) #10

Well, I sent ingame from my alt, but yeah you can do it also to this, have to log out of my main and am traveling atm, so give me 10mins?

(Muranes Falvore) #11

Isk and acc info sent to Herpa ZeDerp

(Herpa ZeDerp) #12


(system) #13

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