CLOSED Will open new thread with character that is for sale.

Hello all! I am looking to sell a few characters that I no longer need.
All characters have positive wallets, are in hi sec, and are in NPC corporations

I have two entry level Hulk Pilots and one focused Tengu Pilot:

Trent Barlow, starter Hulk Pilot

  • In hi-sec
  • 4.1m sp
  • Positive Wallet
  • NPC Corp

Tiana Dyson, starter Hulk Pilot

  • In Hi-sec
  • 4.2m sp
  • Positive wallet
  • NPC Corp

Alekta Mageira, Focused Tengu Pilot

Starting Bid: 15B
Buyout: 16.5B

  • In High sec
  • 15.4m sp
  • Positive Wallet
  • NPC Corp
  • Caldari Navy standings at 4.5
  • Low employment history!

Confirming I am for sale!

Confirming I am for sale!

Confirming I am for sale!

Alekta_Mageira 11bil bo

tengu pilot 13b

Sory did t notice 13b bid

Offer agreed on link
2.5B isk sent to Isabella Korzana, receiver account sent through ingame email.
Awaiting for transfer.

Isk received on Isabella Korzana along with account name.

Transfer of Trent Barlow to requested account has been initiated.

CCP Transfer Email received , thank you

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2.5b/o for Tiana Dyson …like the other Hulk starter toon?

Sure that works. Send isk and acct info

ISK Send also the ACC Information

Isk and acct info received on Isabella Korzana. Tiana Dyson transfer initiated. You should receive confirmation via email soon.

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Alekta Mageira is still available!

Char Tiana Dyson arrived! Thx.

12b for Alekta, evemail me if accepted

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Alekta is still for sale! First one to offer 15b takes her!

Please show as closed.