I have used it as a highsec incursionrunner for Vindicator and Basilisk. SP focust on combat/logi so maybe it can be a perfect start for a subcap pilot if your not going to use it for Basi/Vindi.
If not max it is close to max skills for basilisk. Almost max skills for Vindi.

Implant set 1 (worth ~2,4 billion) (yes, i used the same set for both vindi and basi):
Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 -> CA-4
High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon
Ogdin’s Eye Coordination Enhancer
Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link

Implant set 2 (worth ~95mil):
Attribute enhansers +4.

Basilisk Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent) (worth ~500mil)
Vindicator Sarpati’s Revenge - Igil SKIN (Permanent) (worth ~100mil)
Capsule - Genolution ‘Auroral’ 197-variant

Positive wallet.
1 remap.
All in jita (highsec).
No killrights.
Sec. Status: 5.0

Starting bids at 25bil.

I bid 25.000.000 isk (25milion isk)

lol. First post edited. 25 bil, not mil :+1:


20 bil offer

Thanks for you offer Red Lamora.
I think I can get a little bit more, Ill see what happens. I may let it go for 20b if noone else is interested.

Bump! Last call

Time flies and I forgot about this thread… Red Lamore, if you still watn it pls send isk and info.



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Bump. I want this sold. Any bidders for a low price?

17.5 bil

Hmm, lowest I go is 20.

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