I’m want to sell near perfect Vendetta pilot.
33 days / 5 skill injectors for Gallente Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier V
Light/Heavy fighters V
Perfect armor/navigation/enginering/targeting skills for Vendetta/Nyx
Perfect shield skills for Hel with invuls

High-grade slave set with hg-1008.
Mid-grade Crystal without omega
High-grade Crystal with omega
High-grade Asklepian with omega
IGC Skin for Vendetta
Quafe! Skin for Nyx

Character will be located in Jita
No kill rights, positive wallet,I will pay transfer fee
Next remap 2018.02.26
Character is in NPC corporation,~27 omega days

Starting price : 43b
B/O 50 b
Why ? Because high-focused characters are really rare right now!

44b bid

Thanks a lot for serious bid. I will accept your offer at Saturday 23.59 ET



offer accepted.please send isks and account name.

ISK and account name sent.

I have recieved the ISK and currently awaiting confirmation from CCP . Character will be yours in 2 days or faster.

character is no longer for sale

Character received. Thanks

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