Hello, I want to sell my perfect Nyx / Apostle toon

Gallente Carrier V
Amarr Carrier V
Jump Freighters IV
Heavy/Light fighters V
Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems V
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V
Perfect Armor/Navigation/Engineering/Targeting skills.

High-grade slave set with HG-1005

Character will be located in Jita,No kill rights,positive isk,in npc corp,I will pay transfer fee
Bonus remap available
Next remap 2018.09.16

Starting price : 55b
B/O 63b


dream on.

You realise nowadays chars are valued on extraction of skills. Also kinda pointless having a super pilot AND Fax pilot. People generally have them on separate accounts for obvious reasons.

40b offer

thanks for free bump. ISD please remove this post




50 bil





accepted.please send isks and account info

isk and account info sent

Thanks.I will update status every 16 hours.

character is no longer for sale

char is yours!

GM ******* (EVE Online)
Oct 28, 13:15 UTC

Hi, GM *********here,

I have now transferred Mister Flint from the *********** account to the w*********a account in line with your request. Payment of 1000 PLEX was taken from **********'s vault.

If you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,
GM ***********
CCP Customer Support | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

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