SOLD - WTS Focused Vendetta / Nyx / Hel Pilot – 44m SP / 39b isk
Password: 12345

Price: 39b

Character Name: 3gyhenger
Corp: NPC
Location: Jita 4-4
Wallet: 1 isk
Clones: Jita 4-4: Perception +5, Willpower +5, Intelligence +5, Memory +5, Social +4
Sec status: 3.6
Unallocated SP: 160 000
Killrights: None
Skins: Hel Valklear Glory (worth 1+ billion isk)
Attributes: mapped to Perception/Willpower for farming
Remap: Now + 1x bonus remap

Highlighted skills:
Gallente Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier V (currently the skill is on level 4! - 3,455,922 of 3,584,000 SP, I accidently extracted some SP. I added 160k unallocated SP so you can apply it back. I did not want to activate omega on this account just for this)
Fighters V
Heavy Fighters V
Light Fighters V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Cybernetics V

Confirming, I am for sale

Daily bump

I’ll offer 33b

I cannot go under 35b.

35 bil

35 bil my offer

Please send isk and account name to transfer to in eve mail then i initiate the transfer

done please confirm deal

Character transfer has been initiated. Please let me know once you receive the character

ok, thank you

i receive the character. Thank you once more. nice to meet you

Ok. Thank you. Fly safe o7

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