Amarr Carrier / Caldari Carrier - V
Jump Drive Calibration / Operation / Fuel Conservation - V
Amarr Dreadnought - IV

14.2m SP in Drone / Fighters
9.8m SP in Gunnery
7.2m SP in Armor
7.1m SP in Shields

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Located in Perimeter Station
Jump Clones: Mirilene
Implants (now): High-grade Amulet, CB-703, EM-805, RP-905, HG-1005
Implants (in Mirilene clone): High-grade Talisman, ES-705, SE-805, SP-905
I will pay transfer fee

Starting Bid - 55bil
B/O - 68bil
Auction End - 24 feb 21:00ET

It for sale

I can do 45b if no one give you higher offer :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Bid accepted
I’m waiting for a isk and an account to transfer the character.
I can transfer the character on February 25 or March 1

Mystic is probably not around anymore.

If he doesnt answer i can offer 43b for your character

I will wait for him for a few days

No worries. I will stay around then.

Can we do it tomorrow?
February 25
I will sent isks and account info before February 26

Ok. Tomorrow.

isks and account info sent

I’ll transfer char in 5-6 hour


Mail received