EveSkillboard - Yoshioka Riho startbid 4.5b buyout 5b
EveSkillboard - Mackenzie Foy startbid 5b buyout 5.5b
EveSkillboard - Ishihara Rachel Satomi startbid 5b buyout 5.5b
EveSkillboard - Winkelpop startbid 5b buyout 5.5b already in NPC corp. Not updated yet.

Location: Jita 4-4
Wallet: Positive
Corp: NPC
No kill rights

I will pay the 20 USD transfer fee.

5b for a 5.9m toon lmao

offer changed, please take a look. Thanks for your time.

daily bump

please confirm with each char that they are for sale.

all characters are still for sale

Old post but these still available? I want winkelpop, its my old toon XD

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