Selling myself. Scotch N Hyasyodas Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Located in Jita
Positive sec status, wallet, no kill rights.
2 jump clones in Amarr
I pay for transfer

Thanks for looking.

Whats the buyout?

Not sure, been a while since I’ve been online. Dont know going rates anymore.

edit: maybe around 15-16b? is that reasonable now days?

(Depending on skill distribution, it can go for anywhere between 13-20B from what I’ve seen recently. As an example, I bought a 35m sp character recently for 20B.)

OK. Thanks very much for the input!

2600 plex.

That seems a little low, but thanks for the offer.


Cannot use plex to trade characters, must be ISK

Thanks Geo, I didn’t know that.

wierd skills for orca lol, no resource reprocessing, mass production… u cant fit industrial core and compressor lol

that cause i was using it to mine ice…

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