Just an FYI your skillboard link doesn’t work.

ok, should be visible now, was on private

daily bump

60b offer

thanks… but moar!!!

Just a heads up to potential buyers. This character is currently trying to scam in Jita local. Since you cannot rename characters, this will hurt the characters reputation.

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Well, after checking rules, I dont see Jita sales as being a part of the char bazaar rules… Isk scams during char sales is a bannable offense, Jita sales aint :slight_smile:

Also, Keratrin Entrogle, be a man and use your main, not some alt :slight_smile:

65b, isk ready now

68b offer

And all someone has to do, is look at the employment history to see that it was sold and its not the same pilot behind it.

When a person buys the char, its essentially a new identity since they cannot pass themselves off as the char they bought

Doesn’t change the fact that this character might be on hundreds or thousands of block lists.

daily bump, current best offer 68b

70 bil

The Charakter you are selling in here is not in a Npc Corp - regarding the Rules, it has to be in one during the whole duration of the Sale. Please Fix that asap.

fixed, might take the DT to update

71b ready

daily bump, 71b highest offer atm

80b, sent mail as well, valid for 48 hours

82b ready