WTB Low SP 2003 character

2006 ?

Bump :slight_smile:

Still looking :slight_smile:

Otra dia :slight_smile:

WTS myself

born in 2003.5.10 18:46 (5th days of release)
5m skill point
+5 implant set
‘Auroral’ AU-79 ‘golden’ capsule
have 256 ship skins

Please offer.
Only satisfactory offers will be accepted.

15 billion isk

Thank you for offer.
But I want a higher offer.

Another day is here :slight_smile:

BUMP :slight_smile:

Is the 15b offer still valid?
If the offer is still valid, I will accept it.

Added missing character information.
-positive wallet
-no kill right
-no jump clones
-in jita 4-4
-positive sec status

15 billion isk offer is still valid
Confirm deal and ill send isk and account info

Ok. waiting for mail.

Account info and 15 billion isk sent

Transfer started.
Will be completed after 3/20/2023 9:37:56 PM

Character arrived. Thanks for trade.

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