WTS myself

     Industrial ( Production  5.7mil sp. Resource proc 17+mil sp.
                        Science 23+mil sp ) 
    Trade - 141 market orders 
    Scanning - Perf Skills
    All (sub cap) armor and shield perf skills
   Jump Freighters pilot (jump drive calibr 5 )

and other useful skills

In NPC corp
Positive wallet
1 remaps available
No kill rights
No installed jump clones
Located in hi-sec

full information*

Character Sheet

Starting Bid 90Bill
BO - 100Bill

92bil buy out. isk in hand

93B offer

thanks for the suggestions.
but i am waiting BO

nano kukla 100B

bid accepted

nano kukla ISK and account info sent.

payment accepted. I need some time to finish the transfer character … I need to go to work (((

character transfer successfully completed!

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