Great starter cap pilot with solid sub-cap skills and a 2014 birth date.

39.4 million SP, 35k Unallocated.

Jump skills at 4/5/4
Gal Carrier 3
Gal Dread injected
Capital Ships 4
Black Ops 1


Sitting Jita with a four +4s
Positive wallet and sec status with no kill rights
Annual Remap was used recently, 2 bonus available

Starting 27b
BuyOut: 30b

I’ll start you off at 27b

Buyout has been adjusted down.

30b B/O

Accepted. Send ISK and account info and I will start transfer.

Should I transfer the isk to Zgames De Wales?

isk and account info sent

ISK received. Character transfer has been initiated. You should see him on your account in about 10 hours.

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