Skill 109.122.019
sell 40 Bilion
unallocate slkill 800.000

locate in RENS 0.9

isk positive

skills link?

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If you link the character skills,I will buy out it for your prince.

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Thread reopned. Please add the last missing Informations.

40b bo?

40B bo

If you also sell the character,I will offer 60bil

Risa Oribe 60 OK send isk plz


Well looks like I saw too late. Saw your edit after posting. Would offer 65Bil if it falls through.

ISK and ACC info sent.Thanks!

75B offer,Characters that have not yet been transferred can be returned to ISK. Close the trade

thank you

Have you ever been banned from your account?

problem solved, now I can transfer the character. Thank you

can you trade now?

let me know I have isk and can do transfer now

thank you