No one will look at this sale post btw. Just copy and paste them into a so that people can at least use search functions…


Price for all battleship blueprints?

bulk price ?

Also interested. What amount are you looking for?

I don’t have a bulk figure in mind but they’re for sale only in bulk, i’m not splitting anything as you know sooner or later i will be left with BP i cant sell, so as i said in OP i will leave it up until Friday and see what offers have been tendered, also Hyperspatial Titan i have no idea how to use the site you mentioned

It’s hard to filter this since it’s not alphabetically ordened (by type) so i’ll throw 5 billion space credits on the table

5.5b offer but let’s see a Janice evaluation maybe

I can offer 11.5b for all of then, if you are interested you can contract then to: touble man
and I will pick then up

I’ll bite at 12b

I am going to take this post down until i can figure out how to use Janice as soon as i do i will repost it, if someone would take the time and run by me how it works i would appreciate it otherwise i don’t know how long it will be