I’ve got a couple more than what is shown in this link. The cruisers are for sale too but not fully researched.

These Blueprints go for 18-25 mil on the Market on contracts. I’ll do about 20mil for one and discount on bulk. Post in this thread and I’ll get in contact with you.


What’s your asking price for everything?

Interested in the following if they are 10/20…

Nanoelectrical Microprocessor Blueprint
Tesseract Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Quantum Microprocessor Blueprint
Plasma Thruster Blueprint
Fusion Thruster Blueprint
Ion Thruster Blueprint

Also interested in the following you have them
Fernite Carbide Composite Armor Plate
Laser Focusing Crystals
Plasma Pulse Generator

For all without the cruisers (229) I’d do 4,1 bil. I also have some more currently tied into contracts, about 50 more. I can end those contracts and add them to this, to make it 5 bil.

Im online now, contact me in game to finalise transaction

everything sold.

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