Starting Bid - 2.2 Bill [Jita Value]

Minimum bid increment - 100mill

Closing date and time - 4 Day Auction ending on 6/10/2024 11:15 EvE Time [Equinox Down Time]

Location - Rare Asset somewhere in Pochven! Bidders may mail for detailed inquiry. [Asset is Docked]

1x Orca

High power
1x Small Tractor Beam II
3x Mining Foreman Burst II
Medium power
1x Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
1x Kinetic Shield Hardener II
1x EM Shield Hardener II
1x Thermal Shield Hardener II
1x Drone Navigation Computer II
Low power
1x Damage Control II
1x Reinforced Bulkheads II
Rig Slot
2x Large Drone Mining Augmentor II
1x Large Drone Mining Augmentor I
1,314x Mining Laser Field Enhancement Charge
1,314x Mining Laser Optimization Charge
1,314x Mining Equipment Preservation Charge
10x Hobgoblin II
1x 'Augmented' Ice Harvesting Drone
5x 'Augmented' Mining Drone

Orca’s can use filaments, why do you think this is rare?

Auction Closed then! Thank you I thought that it being a capital class vessel ment it couldnt be moved!