(Admiral Chomp) #1

39.6m sp PW: 42069

One corp/alliance on history. Nearly perfect Wyvern toon, nearly 0 wasted sp.

do I hear 45b?

(Iseemir) #2

40bil offer.

(Jayce Oriki) #3

41b offer

(Iseemir) #4


(RR Enat) #5


(Admiral Chomp) #6

Bidding will end at 1600 eve time tomorrow. Continue using .5b increments, pls and ty.

(Jayce Oriki) #7

42.5 bil

(Admiral Chomp) #8


(Admiral Chomp) #9

Jayce Oriki has the highest bid at the closing bell with 42.5b

Send isk and the name of the account you would like the toon transferred to and I will get it underway asap.


(system) #10

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