(Pro-Du) #1


(Sluggo M) #2

Maybe… if your ‘or around’ was a little higher than 25

(Pro-Du) #3

how much do u wanna be?
sure i can offer a little bit more ,and sent ingame email.

(Drrty Abarthe) #4

Ive got a rorqual pilot. Akirah hita. Also trained into Amarr carrier/dread and a fax pilot. Let me know if you’re interested!

(Pro-Du) #5


(Drrty Abarthe) #6

Only 1 loss. At work can’t really copy n paste on phone. But name is akirah hita

(Brock Khans) #7

I’m guessing he meant "skillboard

(Pro-Du) #8

have u login skillboard before? cannot find the charter on skillboard, but i can find her in game.

(Drrty Abarthe) #9

Ah. Haven’t logged into skillboard yet. I’ll try and do that from my phone.

(Drrty Abarthe) #10

(Pro-Du) #11

nice pilot !
i will offer 28 B

(Drrty Abarthe) #12

Id geek to an even 30 if that’s acceptable to you.

(Drrty Abarthe) #13

Pro-du, you still want to buy her? Going to put her on open market when i get home from work if not.

(Pro-Du) #14

sorry was too later for me last night, yup i really like her , i can accept 30B but u gonna w8 for 12hours .

(Drrty Abarthe) #15

Accepted. Tomorrow it is.

(Pro-Du) #16

found another pilot , sorry Drrty !! offer canceled !

(system) #17

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