Club Troppo - Nullsec corp looking for pilots [AUTZ]

With the soon to be released EVE expansion, Club Troppo is forming to take advantage of the upcoming nullsec changes. Created by experienced players, Club Troppo provides an exciting opportunity to experienced and returning players. Newbros willing to take the dive into nullsec are also welcomed.

What we offer:

  • Dedicated nullsec space for PVE, Anom and Moon mining
  • Group PVE & mining fleets
  • Corporation buyback facilities
  • Access to large Nullsec Market
  • Access to Industry facilities
  • PVP Roams
  • Blops fleets
  • Whaling fleets
  • Relaxed (no bs) atmosphere with knowledgeable players available
  • AUTZ (+late AUTZ) /USTZ & Some EUTZ


  • Don’t be a dickhead
  • Working microphone, English speaking (reasonable language proficiency is OK)
  • Omega account
  • PVP experience, or the willingness to learn & contribute
  • A Hawaiian shirt

Talk to us on discord here: Club Troppo