Co2 Dudes - We have a home for you!


(Nesca Sion) #1

I am sorry to hear about the shift and everything that happened… please reach out to any of my recruiters should you want a new home -0.5 null space with an amazing digital family!

(Kassasis Dakkstromri) #2

Aww! It’s great when a community can come together during a time of crisis for one another.

Best of Luck everyone!

(Beachura) #3

Aren’t you essentially renters? It’s cute though, we need saviors like you in New Eden!

(Nesca Sion) #4

:slight_smile: Tyvm!

(Nesca Sion) #5

Nope we are not renters we have Sov space. :slight_smile:

(Multifrequency) #6

Nesca Sion, thank you for the nice goonswarm promoted propaganda.

(system) #7

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