[CODC] Now recruiting: Alphas, Omegas and Veterans welcome!

TL/DR Version:

After a period of taking it easy, Cosmic Odyssey Corporation [CODC] is looking to expand our numbers and activities. If you are interested in joining a combat-industrial corp (with the focus on combat), please feel free to check our ingame ad and apply!

Details (not the TL/DR version):
Founded in 2006, [CODC] is a veteran eve corp that has been all over the map and done pretty much every activity there is to offer in game. We have returned to nullsec having joined Unspoken Alliance and with exciting opportunities on the horizon we wish to expand our own pilot base in order to more fully contribute to alliance activity. Every member has an equal opportunity to contribute towards the development and goals of the corporation. Members are encouraged to be self-sufficient and contribute towards the corp’s self-sufficiency, but that doesn’t mean you are on your own [CDOC] can (and will) provide any assitance required -especially if you’re new to eve. There is a wealth of experience within the corp; feel free to take advantage of it :slight_smile:

What we do:

High Sec:
-Industry (building and mining)
-Combat, Data & Archaeology Sites

Low Sec:

Null Sec:

What we offer:
-Hassle-free environment (CTAs are a requirement though)
-Fitting suggestions and role-specific fits
-Alpha-friendly fleet doctrines
-Help and advice on fundamental and extended mechanics of EvE online
-Alliance and corp content
-Rapid faction standings boosts running high-level missions in gangs
-PvP & PvE opportunities
-Corp Discord server
-Corp forums

Alphas (30 Day+ ingame) are more than welcome to apply and get involved, veterans and former corpies are also more than welcome to sign up and create content :slight_smile:

Interested? Drop one of our recruiters an evemail, join ‘CODC Public’ channel, or apply via our in-game ad…

Applications are subject to the usual background checks…

Recruitment still open :slight_smile:

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Recruitment still active :slight_smile:

still recruiting :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

still recruiting :slight_smile:


Nice guys if u want to chill in high sec with a bit of occasional PvP thrown in these guys fit the bill.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Still recruiting btw!

recruitment still active

still recruiting… :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open…

Recruitment still open, moving to pastures new… :slight_smile:

Now part of the veldspar mafia and recruitment is still open! :slight_smile:

Recruitment is still open and you’re welcome to apply :slight_smile:

still recruiting!

Still recruiting. :slight_smile:

…Please ensure when you apply to include your API key. If you omit the api it will delay your application getting processed…