(Galaxy Pig) #141

Who is the guy to whom you are referring? Also, what do you mean by “hit this guy up for a gank”? In my neck of the woods, to hit someone up for something means to ask them for it. You plan on asking this unidentified person for a gank? Interesting…

A solution to what?

Who is they?

That’s great and all, but I don’t think the audience will be able to pull a coherent message out of it.

What obstacles? You haven’t listed any obstacles. Also, obstacles to what, for whom? There’s a lot missing here.

This was just the first paragraph of your post. You can see why I stopped here.

You should probably go to college or something and learn to write coherently.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #142

If you are mentally ill and find EVE game play too stressful you should probably find a different game to play.

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #143

It isn’t good to live your life so full of butthurt and spite, Anderson. This can lead to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, mental illness, dementia, and other conditions.

I recommend some deep breathing exercises to help you process the trauma of losing your mining barge.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself…

Wait, hold on. First, deactivate your mining lasers and dock up, Anderson.

Ready? Ok. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a tranquil seashore. Visualize the waves gently crashing on the beach. Hear the soft white noise, smell the salt air. The waves coming in and out, in and out, in and out. Breathe the waves. Inhale slowly and deeply as they ebb, exhale as they flow back onto the beach.

Let all your stress and butthurt flow out of you as you exhale…

Visualize the clean, golden air of the CODE enter you as you inhale. Let it suffuse your body…Feel it coming in through your lungs to your blood…feel it pumping through your veins…as you breathe the CODE you become a being of pure golden light and energy. Become one with the CODE. Let any remaining butthurt slip away…

Repeat the mantra “I am the CODE, James 315 is my saviour, I will buy 1000 New Order shares today” Repeat until all fear and doubt is gone.

Be well, miner.

(Nik'oli) #144

My apologies on the formatting. The quote was directly from CODE’s website, I emphasized the quote. The thoughts after it are mine. I’ll see if I can format it appropriately. My proposal is that CCP simply take outlawry to it’s logical endpoint, denying persons who have self described themselves as a pack of wolves masquerading as “saviors of high sec”. If CODE wishes to act like a pack of wolves, they should be treated as wolves. Shoot, shovel, and turn in the ears for a bounty. It would also introduce several new mechanics for the game. As far as the gank is concerned, it has to do with an article that was posted further up in the thread concerning some of CCP’s research into the “problem” of CODE. It is obvious that CODE’s protection racket, and that’s exactly what it is, was thought up by gamers looking to harvest tears and not someone who knows what they’re actually doing.

edit: reformatted. I would rather have done a powerpoint presentation.

(Galaxy Pig) #145

Ah, that was much more coherent english, thank you.

You, like every other carebear, long for CCP to do your dirty work for you. Most gankers are already free to shoot for everyone in the game. They’ve already given you all the tools you need, but you simply can’t be asked to bother with defending yourself or your assets. Absolutely pathetic.

Welcome to EVE Online, where you and only you are responsible for defending yourself and your assets. We EVE players actually like this, and you might want to at least get used to it, as it hasen’t changed in 15 years.

Hope this helps. :avocado:

(Nik'oli) #146

I couldn’t disagree more. I can’t remember how long I’ve been off EVE on this account, probably 10 years or so. Long enough to remember having to keep your clone up to date. I am fully aware that the only safety you have in EVE is that which you create yourself. I also remember EVE having fairly serious consequences for death; if your clone wasn’t up to date, it was entirely possible to lose entire weeks of game time in skill retraining. As a consequence, PVP was kept in check as even a hardened PVPer could make a simple accounting error, fail a gank, get podded, and lose a month of training. That’s gone now, death is an extreme inconvenience at best. So, I wouldn’t mind that system back, which would make this proposal moot. I also would have no problem if CODE was legitimate in it’s protection racket. You botted, someone noticed and shook you down. Don’t come crying to me. What I do mind is CODE’s faithlessness in their enforcement of “code”. If, as in a legitimate shakedown for protection money, you shake someone down and they pay your ten million isk, they’ve paid you. They’re paid up, end of line. If you catch them botting again, they’re paid up, nothing you can do about it, at least, not until they go to reup their policy, and find out that instead of ten million, it’s now fifty million for abusing your good faith. Perfectly legit, don’t come crying to me. Either don’t AFK mine, or be nasty enough that when they say ten million, you somehow transpose isk with dps. Now, they’re holding the bag. I also remember ransoming, and that there was a code with ransoming. That’s gone now too. So, yes, it was cut throat, but pirates knew they had to have some semblance of honor. Now, it’s just a killfest with people who just want to mine to sell at Jita for a handsome profit, or they haul things that they don’t need to and shouldn’t. THAT’s my problem. If you give someone your word, you’ve given your word.
edit: that they have organized into a group does not help their cause in the slightest, hence the “get them out of Empire space”, and the rhetoric doesn’t make me all that inclined to wish to have them around human beings, however it is ultimately the faithlessness that I have a severe problem with.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #147

You seem unable to distinguish between Real Life, game mechanics and ingame roleplay as separate elements. Add in a general lack of coherence and whatever argument you were trying to make in that wall of text gets lost in the noise.

You really should spend some time studying the CODE at If English is not your native language you might even find a translation.
The main failure of your line of thinking is that you see the CODE and the mining permit as a one-time fee to be paid. This is not the case. The mining permit is intended to signal the beginning of a long lasting commitment by the permit holder to obey the CODE. Any failure to do so, and the permit will be revoked and any agent is free to take additional measures as deemed necessary.
If you follow the blog on you will have noticed that James 315 is a strict but fair judge when a miner claims to have been ganked while obeying the CODE and he takes his role as Chief Executive for Reimbursements very seriously.

(Nik'oli) #148

Blockquote If you follow the blog on you will have noticed that James 315 is a strict but fair judge when a miner claims to have been ganked while obeying the CODE and he takes his role as Chief Executive for Reimbursements very seriously.

Well, now that I’ve finished cleaning my screens…As I believe I already said, it is obvious that this is a “protection racket” made up by a gamer for a game. In reality, it is nothing more than extortion. I’ve read the CODE several times, I’ve puttered around the artwork, and…I’m not impressed. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s the kool aid, or something in the kool aid, but I’ve had a horrible rash the last few days. If a person is unfortunate enough to run into CODE, and if they were unfortunate enough to be interesting, my council would be the same council repeated across the board by better people than I am who have been playing longer than I have: do not interact with them. Put a general SOS and hope someone’s close enough, fast enough, with enough firepower. You’re more than likely going to get podded. Add to the bounty, publicize the kill right, get a better tank, log off, have a cry, come back, and do a better job. Don’t interact, don’t pay them, don’t chat, nothing. They want to harvest your tears, any isk added to the equation is a bonus.

And don’t misinterpret me: I have zero problem with pvp. I have zero problem with the “criminal element” in EVE. I, personally, am not going to engage in pvp willingly, but if I was, I might be interested in joining SOMETHING like this, because as has been observed, the EVE economy runs on ships having to be replaced. I’m quite content to do exploration, missioning, helping newbs, and pulling newbs out of places and situations they weren’t equipped for and never should have been in. What turns me off completely and utterly is the lack of honesty and integrity of CODE, even as they claim to be the “Saviors of High Sec.” Drop the act. You don’t like bots, and you think that botting shouldn’t be a thing. Because CCP won’t do anything, you will. If you come across a botter, you pod them. Fine. You’re into kicking over people’s sand castles. Fine. But, this is a player run game. They’re going to want something done.

(Anderson Geten) #149

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(Galaxy Pig) #150

This feature never kept ganking in check because it’s very nearly impossible to get podded in Highsec. You’re going to have to try a different angle because this simply isn’t true.

LOL wow, this demonstrates a HUGE lack of understanding of the Code, the New Order, our goals and ideals. A permit is not a license to bot, pfffLOL the very idea is silly.

LOL yeah, the Code with ransoming was ‘Never pay a ransom, because they’re never honored.’ I’ve been playing since 2007 and the “code” of EVE was always ‘trust no one’.

Well, unfortunately for you, EVE is a game where lying, cheating and stealing are all features, not bugs. In fact they advertise these features in shiney well-animated youtube videos like “Causality”.

Did you ever try actually understanding what you’re reading? Worth a shot.

Aww you don’t like our Bitmap artistry? :disappointed_relieved:

We’re ALWAYS free to shoot, but here you are expecting someone else to do it for you. (As usual.)

Again, you have to be extremely lazy/slow/ignorant to get podded in Highsec. (Doesn’t stop carebears.)

LOL yes, keep adding to our bounties. That will help. :rofl:

LOL what exactly do you think -10 suicide gankers have to fear from Killrights? lolololol

You clearly have a problem understanding it.

This last part here reads as very pro-bot.

You’re not a botter, are you?

You don’t see botting as a legitimate way of building a sandcastle, do you?

This is all starting to come together…

(Nik'oli) #151

Well, let me add most of that together for you: I grew up on a ranch, in a ranching community, in Wyoming. I won’t bore you with the geography. A man who doesn’t keep his word isn’t a man. Lofty ideals, I know, but it’s in my blood, and there’s little I can do about it. On to the other allegation, that I don’t understand PVP: I didn’t say I didn’t understand it. I did say I wouldn’t engage in it voluntarily, meaning I wouldn’t seek it out and fit a ship to do it. However, if my corp was to engage in pvp, I’m pretty sure I’d be in a stealth bomber, given the rest of the skill set I’m training for. However, my main ship would not be fitted for pvp. If it explodes, mea culpa. I also don’t see the POINT of botting. You’re paying $19.95 a month, for a game…that you have no intention of playing. To me, that’s a Greek tragedy that turned into a Grimm fairy tale that Shakespeare rewrote. That’s here, League, Fortnite, all of it. Why pay for something you have no intention of using. PVP is not part of MY sandbox; if it’s part of yours, go for it. However, know that there are people who aren’t going to like their sandbox getting trampled on.

(Nik'oli) #152

That graphic is beyond hilarious. Where did you find it?

(Aiko Danuja) #153

If you don’t want to get ‘ganked’, then just buy a permit. Problem solved.

(Anderson Geten) #154

A random friend linked it. So I was thinking “that’s exactly the reasoning CODE. members use, so I think it belongs to here”

(Galaxy Pig) #155

I never alleged any such thing, who alleged this? It’s like we’re having two different conversations…

Side question, -unrelated- So they have excellent education systems there in Wyoming, I take it?

(Solonius Rex) #156

But you do engage in it voluntarily. As CCP said, if you click “Undock”, you are consenting to any and all forms of PVP. Every time you click “Undock”, you are voluntarily engaging in PVP.

Sure. And people who play Call Of Duty and dont like violence, shooting, or being shot at, arent gonna have a good time either. In which case, i would have to ask, why pay to buy Call of Duty if you have no intention of playing the game?

Maybe EVE online isnt the right game for you. Thats fine, its not for everyone. But PVP is part of THE game.

(Nik'oli) #157

I’d have to ask what you meant by “excellent”. On the one hand, my graduating class was 60 something people, we had 2 AP classes at the high school, and my sophomore history class choices were either Nazi Germany or economics. That was a fun year. But, that was ~15 years ago or so. I wouldn’t do it again. On the other hand, the year after I graduated, the state instituted the Hathaway Scholarship program; provided you have a 2.5 out of high school, and oblige by the college requirements, you can go to any of the colleges in the state, 3 two year and UW, and graduate with no student debt. It’s also incredibly feudal, so if your kid doesn’t have the right last name, they’re not starting football or basketball, second or third picks at the dances, that sort of thing.

On a macro scale, if I had to pick between raising kids in Wyoming and anywhere else, I’d pick Wyoming without a second thought, if I bothered thinking about it at all. You learn how to take care of people, when not to take care of people, judging character, all of that. IF my kids start running with the rough crowd, I know about it and I can take corrective action. In Utah, if my kids start running with the rough crowd, I might never find out until it’s too late and, more importantly, no longer my problem, because jail is a thing. We work hard (average work week is 67 hours), and we play harder. And, we don’t start stuff with our neighbors, because that stuff has to get finished, and we’d rather not.

edit: And, it’s not horribly well developed. 20 years after the internet arrived, my parents can only get dialup. Of course, we also have to plow our own road in the winter.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #158

And it shows.

(Clockwork Robot) #159

I’m honestly not trying to come off pedantic here, but there is no place on the entire wide round Earth where people are actually raised to treat each other any differently than anywhere else. Every Community likes to pretend that they raised conscientious, respectful, outgoing people… Yet we are all a bunch of selfish assholes at the end of the day, no matter where you live.

(Octavech Raholan) #160

I hate the CODE myself.
Not because they are gankers or they harass miners, it is a legitimate gamplay mechanic.
The only reason I hate CODE. with passion is because they enforce their law upon others.
They are self righteous tyrants revelling in preying the weak.
A player version of Sansha.