(Clockwork Robot) #161

Well, you clearly are not an alt character to someone in the corporation, so I will take what you say as 100% gospel.

(Octavech Raholan) #163

I am relatively new in EVE, was never ganked and only know CODE. by their website, player profiles and reputation.
Mining never appealed to me nor hauling large cargo.
But I am finding myself hating them nevertheless.
But ganking itself? I have no qualms against it.
If I am ganked myself, I was simply not careful enough and that is how Eve works.
But making it a law and having others to obey it by force?
That is absolutely revolting.

(Octavech Raholan) #164

And who are you to claim yourselves lawful authority of highsec?
Who is this james to claim himself savior?
You are nothing but tyrants preying on the weak and oppressing the innocents.
In ways, you are worse than Sansha.

(Aiko Danuja) #165

I am an agent of James, and he is the savior of high sec. Praise James! \o/

(Octavech Raholan) #166

And the mindless zealot speaks her ignorance.
You CODE. cultists have been weighed, measured and found wanting.
In the name of divine rights and liberty of all mankind, I deny your so called savior.

(Clockwork Robot) #167

Is this going to be a cringey, RP-off?

(Nik'oli) #168

Well, I swiped it. ^_^.

(Nik'oli) #169

It’s different back home. When my parents drove over to visit me today, it was -22 F (-30 C), counting wind chill. If you hit black ice and slide off the road, IF you have cell phone service, you’re looking at an hour minimum assuming AAA leaves right then. If not, well, we do survival training in driver’s ed for a reason. You’re easily in a life or death scenario. Happening upon someone that that’s happened to, you don’t have the ability to pass it off or rationalize it away. You HAVE to pull over and render what aid you can, because you might be the only one they see that night. That’s also assuming that they called a significant other and told them they were on their way. If no one knows to miss you, well, good luck.

Oh, I forgot to mention: the night skies are to DIE for.

(Galaxy Pig) #170

…You would rather us just kill miners and not allow them to purchase permits? I-I’m confused…

(Nik'oli) #171

Well, in between the role play kool-aid, the inconsistency of enforcement of the “permit”, and the shakedown, I’m pretty sure he’d rather you didn’t exist. After that, yeah, he probably would rather you just ganked them and called it good. Blow them up, steal the ore, and be done with it.

(Aiko Danuja) #172

CODE. doesn’t roleplay. We are quite serious.

(Nik'oli) #173


(Mevatla Vekraspek) #174

This is the natural order of things, the boss is who he can force is will onto others, always been, will always be.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #175

So you actually hate people because they do not play a computer game in the way you think it should be played? While the the owner & developer of said game has explicitly stated: You consent to PvP when you click “undock”.

I could add in a few Godwins here to show how far out of whack your moral compass is, but I’ll let your statement stand as it is.

(Daichi Yamato) #176

How do you think any authority gained power? And then enforces laws they made up and promotes a culture they prefer?

From the first king to the US government, by force and then brainwashing the population.

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #177

See, this is the difference between you carebears and CODE agents. You are motivated only by hatred and greed, whereas CODE agents are motivated only by a pure and enduring love for EVE, and a desire to share that love with miners, by providing them with opportunities to enjoy awesome PvP.

Let go of your hatred, miner. Open your heart to the CODE. Be a better you today.

(Octavech Raholan) #178

What I am really against is your enforcement of your dogmatism.

(Octavech Raholan) #179

Human civilization elevated itself by denying such natural order of hegemony by force.

(Octavech Raholan) #180

Eve players are free to choose how they play the game.
If they actually seek pvp than fine, if they are more pacifist minded than it is fine as well.
Even the CODE. cultists are free to follow their delusional creed.
And I an free to oppose their tyranny and outspeak my cause.

(Nik'oli) #181

whereas CODE agents are motivated only by a pure and enduring love for EVE, and a desire to share that love with miners, by providing them with opportunities to enjoy awesome PvP.

Let go of your hatred, miner. Open your heart to the CODE. Be a better you today.

This. This right here is why people hate you. A gank, a proper gank, properly planned and executed, isn’t a frank and courteous encounter. It’s a murder. It’s not a teamfight. It’s a fed Leblanc at full health noticing movement in mid and melting half the enemy team with her Q. The other two (support and assassin) aren’t there anymore. It’s also a Karthus pushing R after the teamfight. It’s NOT fair, and it’s not meant to be fair. In real world terms, you’re walking up to a mom in Walmart fussing with her two kids, with a few of your friends, and clubbing her over the head for lulz. You’re not squaring up to someone, locking them, and giving them a chance to abandon their position, and then stealing from their can. You warp in, with friends, and they explode. If you do it properly, you have at least one person running jamming and warp disruption. If not, they just explode. The single time I’ve been ganked, the encounter lasted maybe five seconds from lock to cutscreen. I had time to panic and that was it. I don’t even think I got a target lock.

Tl;DR, drop the act and be honest. Don’t tell people to just “let go of their hate”. A Venture doing mining is kitted with two mining lasers in it’s highs. If it has drones, there’s only two of them, and they’re for the rats. Not you. A freighter can’t even carry that. So, no. You’re not “sharing” anything. You’re assassinating characters, for lulz, because you don’t like their sandcastle. If you dropped the kool-aid, a lot more people would find you tolerable.

edit: now that I’ve brought it up, is there an EVE dps calculator? Trying to figure out IF there’s a way to survive to the CONCORDokken.