(Galaxy Pig) #121

I agree entirely!

What little data we do have is consistent with our hypothesis and not the carebears’. Thank you for being reasonable.

(Anderson Geten) #122


actually, that sentence I quoted is correct, but not what comes after. So you keep affirming ■■■■ out of your nowhere, little butthurt puppy.

(Dom Arkaral) #123

Ironic isn’t it? :joy:

p.s. where’s the data to counter the actual data we have? :smiley:

(Clockwork Robot) #124

You are clearly not a member of their corporation.

(Aiko Danuja) #125

Most citizens of New Eden enjoy tithing to James, as this provides a sense of community involvement and participation.

The research is quite clear: purchasing a mining permit amplifies one’s sense of wonder and harmony, as mining becomes a much more relaxing and therapeutic experience when it is done with the blessing of James, in accordance with environmental regulations which protect the asteroids for future generations to enjoy.

If you would simply consider the parables of Minerbumping, and express your faith with a paltry donation of merely ten million isk, you would soon find yourself at peace with the CODE. family. Remember, if you take a single step toward James, then he will cross the galaxy to embrace you.


Forum PvP is best PvP. Way more active than low sec.

(Jennifer Austin) #127

The thing nobody telling you is James is no longer in the game because he got banned a couple years ago I don’t know for what before my time I just know he’s no longer here in his original form anyways and I understand why they want you to spend 10 million so you can replace the little frigates that they lose when they’re ganking you that’s why they want the permits I had a discussion with a code officer once that’s quite interesting this a guy just enjoyed the role play

(Galaxy Pig) #128

Spot on, old chap. Good show!

(Aiko Danuja) #129

If James is banned, how does he log in? :thinking:

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #130

The carebear evemails on display on tell another story…

(Clockwork Robot) #131

You need a Punctuation Permit my dude.

10 million isk per year.

(Dread Saboteur) #132

James is definately not banned I know this for sure

(Galaxy Pig) #133

Fun fact:
James 315 is actually the only known player to survive a permaban.

For on the third day, he rose.

James is risen.

Merry Xmas y’all.

(Aiko Danuja) #134

I will testify my word and bear witness, so that it is written in the annals of our people, that even though James was banned for the sins of the miners, I verily SAW HIM in local chat, and there were many across all of Hek who did rejoice at this visage. He spaketh to me, and accepted mine isk, and provided me with shares of holding.

(Galaxy Pig) #135

Lo, for unto Highsec a savior is given.


(Nik'oli) #136

Well, I gotta tell you: I really want to hit this guy up for a gank for misquoting Dr. King in his speech. However, I know a potential solution, and it’s kind of already built into the game, they just have to take it to the full extent: outlawry. FULL outlawry. See, outlawry dates all the way back to the Roman Empire, and the legal terminology was “forbidding fire and water”. I quote directly from the CODE website:

My plan is to remove each of those obstacles. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Security status. When you gank someone in highsec, you lose security status. Once it falls below a certain level, you can no longer fly a ship into high security space without the faction police attacking you. When below -5.0, other players can attack you freely. This inhibits a lot of activities, particularly for pilots who like to restock in the major trade hubs like Jita. Sec status can be restored, but it is a slow and boring process.

We surmount this obstacle by using dedicated ganker alts. Their security will fall below -5.0, but they will still be able to gank their targets. No grinding of security status is necessary. When these alts take upon themselves the mantle of “Knight of the Order”, they forswear the protection of Concord and embrace the damnation of low sec status.

emphasis mine. Awesome. You want to be the big, bad wolves of high sec. Ok. LET THEM BE. Because of your owning stock in CODE, or belonging to the CODE alliance, high sec is unlivable for you. The piles and piles of isk you have, well, you HAD piles and piles of isk. Your bank account in EVE is frozen, no transfers in, no transfers out. No one can buy from you, and no one can sell to you. You can trade from character to character, but it’s an auto criminal tag for them for a few days. Of course, we are merciful (and we want your money, although I’m not sure it’s worth it). You are given a week to clear your assets from…everywhere really, and find the deepest, darkest hole in null sec you can find and crawl into it. If you can, create your own shipyards, and build your own ships. It’d be interesting. But, know that your main char, alt, whatever, has an absolute death mark in high sec, as does ANYONE who helps you, and they couldn’t resupply if they wanted to.

And, before you accuse me of being a carebear, I am guilty as charged. As soon as I can secure my internet connection and get the ships, I plan on joining Signal Cartel, which does S&R missions throughout EVE. Although, not on this char. This is an older one that I don’t play. I’m mentally ill, not stupid.

(BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie) #137

Looks like I missed most of the discussion, but I didn’t see the actual video linked, just the minerbumping post. Fastfest video:

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #138

Is this some weird fantasy of yours or something? That’s not how game mechanics work, and never will be. Besides, CODE agents are the lawful authorities of highsec, that’s sort of the opposite of outlawry.

(Anderson Geten) #139


(Dom Arkaral) #140

Such projecting

Everyone wants to be an Agent, although most don’t want to be remembered as such because of snowflakes