[COGG] - Provi Nullsec - Accessible NS PVP - PVE

You ever wanted to join NullSec, but you have no idea how it works? Well COGG is recruiting newbros, veterans and corporations!

We are COGG, formally known as Central Omni Galactic Group and we are living in the NullSec region Providence. We are part of the Provi-Bloc Coalition and therefore work together with neighbouring alliances, to make Providence a safe space for travellers and our own people. We own Sovereignty in 5 different Systems and can provide a good infrastucture for industry projects, ratting and everything else one might need. You will find more about it down below.

COGG follows the following creed:

Central Omni Galactic Group is a community of pilots that embraces a culture of helpfulness and friendliness towards everyone. We treat all players with respect, regardless of their affiliation or beliefs. We uphold the principles of NRDS wherever we fly - offering peace to those who seek it while courageously defending our home and our friends.

Our biggest goal is therefore to provide a helpful, friendly atmosphere to all our pilots, in which everyone respects each other.

For communication the Alliance uses its own Discord server, in which everyone is welcome to talk or just chat. For bigger, Coalition wide operations we use Mumble and Slack.

Our systems and our infrastructure provides the following:

  • Everything the industrialist desires - T1, T2, T3 reactions, capital production
  • Ratting infrastructure (Lvl 5 PDAs) in each system
  • Jump Freighter Service
  • Buyback for almost all items
  • PI infrastructure
  • Fleet SRP
  • A welcoming home for our new pilots

PvP and our neighbours

A very important thing which makes us stand out is that we are living in really busy part of Providence. PvP content next door has been mentioned and that is really how it is. Our enemy neighbours are the group RC known as Rekking Crew, they currently own a constellation in Providence and a small pipe next to our Sovereignity. Our proximity drives content in the region and leads from small gang all the way to larger scale fleets (ft capitals).
This might sound scary to our PvE focused pilots, but there is nothing to worry. With Sovereignity in 5 systems its easy to evade enemies and just continue somewhere else in more peace.

If you want to know even more about us, check out our website:

You can also get in contact with us, ingame under Nila Sotken or OfTheAncients, or by simply joining our Discord!

If you want to apply directly use the website and we get on to it as soon as possible!

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