Collection of Knowledge, New Player Corp

Hey there, fellow Eve nerd! Whether you’re a fresh face or returning to the game, I’ve got an exciting opportunity for you. “Collection of Knowledge” and we’re on the lookout for both rookies and experienced players eager to guide others through the thrilling world of Eve Online. Just like me, there’s nothing quite like experiencing the game again through the eyes of someone new.

Are you a newbie or returning player looking to learn and have a blast? Well, come join us and let’s dive into the fun together!
Our corporation is brimming with fresh ideas, and we’re committed to delivering the full spectrum of excitement that Eve Online has to offer to our members.

We cover a range of interests, including:

Planetary Interaction (PI)
Player versus Environment (PVE)
Player versus Player (PVP)
Industry (INDY)
Wormhole (WH) space
Incursions Fleets

Enjoy free ships, mining opportunities, space, and, most importantly, free FUN!

Here’s what we can do for you:

Guide you through every main aspect of the game
Help you rediscover the joy of being an Eve player and a valued corp member

Here’s what we offer:

Constructed stations
Access to mining in Low Sec, High Sec, and beyond
Blueprint Originals (BPO) for your use or sale
PVP fleets and Faction Warfare (FW) ships
A dedicated server for effective communication
Low corporate taxes
Easy buy back with corp projects 
90% jita buy on all ore, salvage, relic / data loot and more    
Non-War Eligibility

What we’re looking for:

Mission Runners/PVE/Abyssal Runners

Our corporation is designed to explore every significant facet of Eve, from High Sec mining, trading, and PVE missions to Wormhole space for Gas huffing, PVE sites, relic and data sites, and Faction Warfare for those interested in PVP and fleet battles.

As a seasoned Eve Online player, my goal is to help you rediscover what makes this game fun for you. We aim to keep the learning curve smooth, taxes low, and the fun quotient high. Since our corp is new, we’re particularly keen on players who enjoy assisting, taking on leadership roles, and contributing to the overall success of the corporation.

If this sounds like your kind of adventure, join our in-game channel “Collection of Knowledge” or shoot a message to Miss Sammi. Fly safe, o7!

IN Game Chl: Collection of Knowledge
Check out our Discord server: Collection of Knowledge



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How would I get In contact with you?

Join are in game chl Collection of Knowledge or message me [Miss Sammi]

Just got are discord set up join for more information. Collection of Knowledge

New Player Corp Ner player Experience!!
faction war
low Sec
WH space
Null sec

Fantastic Corp great for the new player i can positively recommend




Looking for mining nerds and builders


Still open for new members


Still open and looking to new and old players in eve online join the fun 30 members and growing

Merry Christmas