COLT. - Wormhole PVP, all day, every day

COLT. - Covert Operations & Lethal Tactics is an PVP focused corporation, currently based in a C4 red giant with C4/C5 static.

As true believers of Bob, we care about one thing only: Explosions to please our favorite deity.
Every night we scan in the search of death and destruction.

Do you want PVP? Do you like sneaking around? Look no further then COLT. Did you know we are one of two corporations that has permanent TIDI in their wormhole?

What are we looking for?

  • Capsuleers that will accept Bob as their deity
  • Capsuleers that are relaxed and enjoy some fun! But at the same time can also be serious during times of combat and understand what proper RT discipline.
  • Capsuleers that understand that voice (TS3) communication is a must.
  • Capsuleers based in the EUTZ/USTZ
  • Pilots that want explosions, green or red.

What do we provide?

  • Fun and explosions every day, all day, and all of the niiiiiiight
  • Vippy for wormhole mapping, Discord for out of game text.
  • Some of the best IT services in the game
  • C4 wormhole with multiple citadels and engineering complexes
  • Lots of PVP!

If you are interested, please send a message to Kypischovic Malifozik, Biggynasty Erkkinen or Sinum DeAmbraelle, or join us in game at channel: COLT. Recruitment and feel free to Private message here as well.

Do you worship Bob?

I do worship Bob.

Bob wants you!

Bob likes explosions, do you ?

Bob wants you !

Poof! New day

COLT. is still looking for new pilots.