Bloody Parrots // EU - Early US // Recruiting capsuleers for wormhole life!

Looking for explorers and PvPers
New players and bittervets welcome!

Corporation run by experienced veterans. We support NPSI public fleets and are looking to expand our operations, memes, welpfleets, shitttalking and killmarks. We operate from class 4 wormhole space. The corp is most active in the EU timezone. We are an English speaking corp.

•PvP pilots * Explo * PvE * EU / early US TZ
•Willing to PvP * love for explosions
*Basic understanding of game mechanics

PACKAGE DEALS (All inclusive):
// A tight-knit group of helpful people
// Class 4 wormhole
// Class 2 and 3 statics
// Exellent Planetary Interaction
// Real life comes first
// Discord comms / working on setting up TS3

// Comms and working mic
// Mature attitude

Join us on our discord :

**Or our ingame channel : **
Bloody Time

CEO: Lord Surtr
Director: lVlori
Recruiters: artof explosion / lVlori

Join the wormhole life!

Pilots, capsuleers, janitors, tourists, all are welcome!

It doesn’t grow without you guys, the Capsuleers

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