The Dead Parrots- Alliance looking for corporations

The Dead Parrots

Bombers Bar and Spectrefleet loyalists, shoutout to our friends in Curse!

The Dead Parrots operate primarily in wormhole space and highsec.
We want members to feel appreciated and support newer players in their journey to greatness. Offering tips & guides, we love to share our knowledge of the game …

  • Supporting NPSI public fleets looking to expand into running our own ops.
  • Established wormhole operations
  • Industrial potential
  • Most active in the EU and US timezones.
  • English speaking alliance.

Working as a team is important. This means that for us the person behind the pc is more important than the skillpoints and killboard statistics he has.

The Dead Parrots are looking for active corporations to expand our operations.
Any interested corp will be considered. Miners are welcome if they participate in PvP. Contact alliance leadership for more info.

  • PvP corporations (any area of the game)
  • Wormhole corps (Exploration / PvX)
  • High sec (Mining / Industry / Missions)


  • A tight-knit group of helpful people
  • Real life comes first
  • Alliance Discord
  • Teamspeak comms
  • Several established wormholes
  • Alliance doctrines / FCs

Having fun and enjoying the game is our most important goal.


  • Teamspirit and dedication
  • Mature and pro-active attitude
  • Working mic and Discord (Teamspeak comms)
  • PvP activity

Contact us in game! Or join our Alliance discord :
Join our public channel ‘ Shadow Tavern‘ and have a chat with our members,
or contact one of the leadership in game:

Alliance Executor : Agakii
Co-Executor : Demoz Aylet
Diplomats : Ignatiana

Join us for the startup of a great alliance!

Be a part of a new beginning.

Several Corporations answered the call.

Join us on our quest for kills …

Still looking for corporations (and players).

Jump on our discord and find out what we have to offer …

Stuff is in motion … come float along …

Looking to join a developing Alliance?

Give us a call.
Feel free to join discord/public chat and have a talk.

Building up nicely. Progress achieved.
Become a part of it, join us!

Still going at it.

The hunt’s just beginning …

Join the family

Become a part of our glorious Enterprise …

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