The Dead Parrots // Alliance looking for corporations and members

The goal is to create an Alliance that exells at what it does.
A banner that inspires greatness.

A banner where we can have fun together and become strong as a group.
The idea is to build a community that helps each other out.
We are looking for people and corporations that love to run fleets
(NPSI or otherwise) and make coin.

We hope to see you soon in our Alliance and join us on our quest.


  • Industrial potential (High Sec) moon mining operations
  • Most active in the EU and US timezones.
  • English speaking alliance.
    Having fun and enjoying the game is our most important goal.

The Dead Parrots are looking for active corporations to expand our operations. Any interested corp will be considered. Miners, mission runners, industrialists, PvP corporations, all are welcome. Contact alliance leadership for more info.

Must be war ineligible!

  • Social corporations
  • Abyssal / Triglavian runners
  • Wormhole corps (Exploration / PvX)
  • High sec (Mining / Industry / Missions)
  • PvP corporations (any area of the game)

Join our Alliance discord :
Or our public channel ‘ Shadow Tavern and have a chat with our members,

Alliance Executor: Brother Lukas / Lord Surtr

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Come join our band of misfits and roam the universe!

The Galaxy won’t conquer itself!
What are you waiting for?
Be a part of the group that has absolutely nothing to do with this!

This is a public service suggestion: join us.

Come chase space with us!
We’ll catch it someday.

Looking for some public NPSI regulars as well as more indy/wormholers

New allied fleets from Curse daily!

Mooning allround, get your ores today!

Come and join the gang, we’ve got goo, fleets and facilities for your indy needs.

New-player friendly!

And bitter-vet worthy!

The Dead Parrots await your decision!

Another day, another chance.

Casual Alliance looking for casual corps (pvp / pve / explo / wh)

From Dusk Till Dawn

Join our community! Industrialist, explorer or pvper … Become part of our team. Maybe even lead your own wing …

Looking to spice up our pvp content and/or wormhole presence …

United we stand!

Expanding our operations.
Be a part of it!

Still pushing up the daisies