C2 WH Corp Rebooting and looking for PVP Pilots!

We are rebooting our C2 WH corp after a period of being slightly inactive and looking for Pilots.
Our C2 has a HS and a C3 Static.
We are looking for Pilots interested in PVP (in the hole or fun roams) and PVE ( mainly exploration and Running Combat sites).
We have a well established infrastructure in our Wh.
We are mainly PVP focused… see below:

Ministry of Silly Walks
Curse and class 2 wormhole presence.
We are looking to expand our operations within our WH, memes, welpfleets, shitttalking and killmarks. Wormhole : we have excellent Planetary Interaction and an option to run reactions.
Curse 0.0 NPC space : PvP meme base of operations. The corp is most active in the EU timezone.
We are an English speaking corp.


•PvP pilots * Explo * PvE * EU / early US TZ
•Willing to PvP and scan * love for explosions
•Future Curse memelords * Alpha & Omega

PACKAGE DEALS (All inclusive):

  • A tight-knit team of helpful individuals with a wealth of knowledge in the game (combined experience of more than a 100 years)
  • Wh: PI / reactions / explo
  • Curse: regular PvP roams
  • Real life comes first
  • Discord + Teamspeak 3

Interested? Join our discord :

Or join our ingame channel :
Shadow Tavern

Ingame Contacts: Heimdallr the Watcher / Lord Surtr / Captain Dabz / Cambrai Massacres


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