Ministry of Silly Walks. - Looking for capsuleers and alliance EU TZ

Ministry of Silly Walks
Looking for Alliance.

We suppport NPSI fleets (a very easy way to get into pvp) and making isk wherever we go. Supporting Bombers Bar , Spectrefleet and various NPSI public groups.
The corp operates from a class 2 wormhole and high sec
We want members to feel appreciated and support newer players in their journey to greatness. Offering tips & guides, we love to share our knowledge of the game …

Alpha & Omega

Looking for:

  • EU / early US TZ
  • Willing to PvP and scan
  • Miners / Mission runners / pvp pilots
  • Mature attitude

We offer :

  • Corp Discord
  • Wormhole life, exploration, pve
  • Class 2 (HS and C3 static)
  • Exellent wh PI (can make nearly everything)
  • Reactions
  • A fun group to fly with

Looking for Alliance!!
- Active, casual Alliance.

Interested? Join our discord :
Or join our channel :
Shadow Tavern

Come fly with us, also no taxes …

Infrastructure all set up, and again … no taxes!

Come fly with us!

Still looking for more fine capsuleers to join our ranks.

We’re ready to go higher!

Great guys to fly with… very helpful and accommodating… and like he said… no taxes! lol

Looking for more capsuleers, come enjoy the wormhole life.

we like to make things go boom. with zero taxes

Are there taxes?

Still here

Looking for members and open to alliance offers.

Would you like to know more?
Hit us up ingame or join our discord for a chat.

Are you EU or US TZ? Join up!

We’re ready! Are you?

Join up and do stuff …

Wormholes ftw, explore the unknown with us!

Still on the lookout …

Recruitment = OPEN

MTC are on sale, train some chars to join us!