Ministry of Silly Walks. - Looking for capsuleers and alliance EU TZ


(Lord Surtr) #1

Ministry of Silly Walks
Looking for Alliance.

We suppport NPSI fleets (a very easy way to get into pvp) and making isk wherever we go. Supporting Bombers Bar , Spectrefleet and various NPSI public groups.
The corp operates from a class 2 wormhole and high sec
We want members to feel appreciated and support newer players in their journey to greatness. Offering tips & guides, we love to share our knowledge of the game …

Alpha & Omega

Looking for:

  • EU / early US TZ
  • Willing to PvP and scan
  • Miners / Mission runners / pvp pilots
  • Mature attitude

We offer :

  • Corp Discord
  • Wormhole life, exploration, pve
  • Class 2 (HS and C3 static)
  • Exellent wh PI (can make nearly everything)
  • Reactions
  • A fun group to fly with

Looking for Alliance!!
- Active, casual Alliance.

Interested? Join our discord :
Or join our channel :
Shadow Tavern

(Lord Surtr) #2

Come fly with us, also no taxes …

(Lord Surtr) #3

Infrastructure all set up, and again … no taxes!

(Lord Surtr) #4

Come fly with us!

(Lord Surtr) #5

Still looking for more fine capsuleers to join our ranks.

(Lord Surtr) #6

We’re ready to go higher!

(Commander Dabz) #7

Great guys to fly with… very helpful and accommodating… and like he said… no taxes! lol

(Lord Surtr) #8

Looking for more capsuleers, come enjoy the wormhole life.

(Lady bayushi) #9

we like to make things go boom. with zero taxes

(Ildrara) #10

Are there taxes?

(Lord Surtr) #11

Still here

(Lord Surtr) #12

Looking for members and open to alliance offers.

(Lord Surtr) #13

Would you like to know more?
Hit us up ingame or join our discord for a chat.

(Lord Surtr) #14

Are you EU or US TZ? Join up!

(Lord Surtr) #15

We’re ready! Are you?

(Lord Surtr) #16

Join up and do stuff …

(Lord Surtr) #17

Wormholes ftw, explore the unknown with us!

(Lord Surtr) #18

Still on the lookout …

(Lord Surtr) #19

Recruitment = OPEN

(Lord Surtr) #20

MTC are on sale, train some chars to join us!