Ministry of Silly Walks. - Looking for capsuleers and alliance EU TZ


(Lord Surtr) #21

We’re having fun, are you?

(Lord Surtr) #22

Staring intensifies!

(Agakii) #23

Join or the evil eye will stare …

(Agakii) #24

We’re still looking for more capsuleers.

(Agakii) #25

Got some extra corps into the alliance, more people around, come join the group!

(Tanya Frost) #26

Weekly alliance roams set up.
Our FC is stepping up his game …

Don’t miss out on the fun!

(Tanya Frost) #27

Still looking for more people.

(Tanya Frost) #28

Another loot Piñata today, come share and join up!

(Tanya Frost) #29

Looking for explorers and pvp pilots!!

(Tanya Frost) #30

Join the killing.
Become great.
Join up.

(Tanya Frost) #31

Killed another nyx yesterday.

(Tanya Frost) #32

Recruitment’s open !

(Tanya Frost) #33

Fly with us!

(Lord Surtr) #34

Recruitment’s open again

(Lord Surtr) #35

Back in business!
Had a recent influx of US tz pilots.
Covering eu-uz timezones …

Exellent PI, occasional pvp, good pve opportunities and reactions soon!
Or do your own thing in highsec or on the moonmining setups.

Can’t be wardecked, join now!

(Lord Surtr) #36

Become a part of the group.

(Lord Surtr) #37

Looking for casual pilots (and Alliance).

(Heimdallr the Watcher) #38

Still looking.

Alliance offers will be looked at.