Ministry of Silly Walks. - Looking for capsuleers and alliance EU TZ

We’re having fun, are you?

Staring intensifies!

Join or the evil eye will stare …

We’re still looking for more capsuleers.

Got some extra corps into the alliance, more people around, come join the group!

Weekly alliance roams set up.
Our FC is stepping up his game …

Don’t miss out on the fun!

Still looking for more people.

Another loot Piñata today, come share and join up!

Looking for explorers and pvp pilots!!

Join the killing.
Become great.
Join up.

Killed another nyx yesterday.

Recruitment’s open !

Fly with us!

Recruitment’s open again

Back in business!
Had a recent influx of US tz pilots.
Covering eu-uz timezones …

Exellent PI, occasional pvp, good pve opportunities and reactions soon!
Or do your own thing in highsec or on the moonmining setups.

Can’t be wardecked, join now!

Become a part of the group.

Looking for casual pilots (and Alliance).

Still looking.

Alliance offers will be looked at.

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