Growing Wormhole Corp Seeking PvP Pilots

Hi! We are The Celestial Lords, a growing wormhole-corporation . While we are still low on numbers we want to grow to the point where we have constant PvP and PvE fleets running. To reach that goal we are searching for dedicated PvP-pilots as well as other people that are interested in PvP.
For now we are concentrating on recruiting EU-timezone pilots, but if you are a highly active pilot from another time-zone, it might work out just as well.

We are a bunch of diverse , laid-back people who don‘t take the game too seriously and know that real-life comes first.

What we can offer:

-Voice comms
-some experienced guys who share their knowlage
-openminded community

What we expect from you:

-full API
-at least an interest in pvp
-sacrifice your 2nd-born (further detail will be given in the interview)
-a willingnes to contribute in corp-operations
-to be on VoiceComms

Though we dont have any skillpoint-requirements, we need you to bring some expirience with the game and a willingnes to learn.

Joint he Celestial Lords! NOW!

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The Lords are still recruiting! Join ‘The Celestial PuB’ in-game!

Seeking PvP Pilots! Come have a chat in 'The Celestial PuB’ in-game!

Hey, I would like to chat, mail me in game please.

Hello folks, we’re still recruiting pvp-ers and pve-ers with interest in pvp, who feel fit for w-space! Join “The Celestial PuB” ingame or write something to Lord Morr’Grar or me directly!

I found you! What class is this?

Hello, we’re still recruiting!

@Kam Kanno: We’re just now in a C2, hoping we can upgrade soon!

Still seeking PvP Players! Still seeking your 2nd borns!!

Hello deer capsuleers, our corp is still searching for active, openminden pvp-ers!

Hi guys, waiting for you!

Hello guys, pvp-players are welcome! Want to grow more!

Come and join our sexy party! Come and play in our hole!

Still searching for new friends!! Come and play with us!! o7

Helloo, our recruitment-office is waiting for you!

Guys, you want to shoot something? Come and shoot it with us!

Our recruitment is open!! Seeking PvP PPL!!

Hello dear people, we’re still searching for you, wanting you in our hole!

Hi guys, more people wanted! Grow up with us, let’s get fleets out!

Hi there. I’m interested.

Used to play in wormhole with a few friends, so have most of the skill requirements for all the necesarry tasks.

Looking for some nice people to play with, and give me a few refresher courses.

Speak soon.

Hi there, we’re still in search of pilots for our corp! Few slots left!