Wormhole Corp looking for "quality" members

Have you ever shitposted your way out of your corp?
Been fed up with TiDi fights and socket closures?
Has supercap proliferation made your favorite ships useless?
Do you long for the same diversity of activities as nullsec without a target painted on your back?
Want to understand why 500MN Hictors were such a big deal in Jspace?
If you said yes to any of these, Wormholes are for you!
Celestial Projects is recruiting pilots of questionable social character to shitpost to VICTORY grow its ranks as a low-class wormhole corporation with vested interest in both elite Small-Gang PvP and dank isk printing lucrative PvE content.

We offer a dedicated Pathfinder instance, ■■■■ tier moon mining, C3 static krabbing, and raunchy and offensive shitposting quality and wholesome posting to occupy even the most autistic dedicated EVE players.

Our only requirements are that your character is not lobotimized Omega (We have an alpha corp!), and that it be either your main, or an alt whose main is provided in the application. 5m SP minimum is required not to be hazed into buying skill injectors recommended to be able to take advantage of PVE content within the hole.

Apply to wish you never heard of us join our ranks today!

Questions? Concerns? Quality Memes?
Send them to our Recruitment Contact: Sigourney DuMont

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We watch Rick and Morty so we have very big and very smooth brains with no dumb stoopid wrinkles

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