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(OcelotFIST2) #1

Hi there,
we are The Celestial Lords! To help us grow, we’re looking for pvp-minded-pilots to expanse our wormhole-corporation! With the goal to become mercs, we’re building up and advancing our fleets, yet we need more raw flesh to do so!

For now we are concentrating on recruiting EU-timezone pilots. If you’re from another timezone, but your activity-times overlap for a good part, it might work aswell, but there’ll be many times you’re alone probably, so think about that beforehand!

What we offer:

  • VoiceComms
  • organisation-tools
  • regular fleets in EU-timezone
  • some experienced guys who share their knowlage
  • openminded community

What we expect from you:

  • full API

  • to be on VoiceComms

  • an interest in pvp

  • while we don’t have sp-requirements, you should be able to:
    • properly scan
    • fly your racial cruisers to some degree

  • you should also bring a willingness to:
    • contribute in corp-operations
    • train into needed skills for fleets
    • learn about game-mechanics

Join the Celestial Lords! Now!

(Inglorious Hemah) #2

Looking for a new place to hang around? Join ‘The Celestial Pub’ and have a chat with us

(Inglorious Hemah) #3

We are still searching for people to join our venture. Join the ‘the celestial pub’ channel ingame or send a mail to OcelotFIST2

(Inglorious Hemah) #4

Interested in joining? Come join the rectruitment channel ‘the celestial pub’ or send a mail to OcelotFIST2

(OcelotFIST2) #5

We want those happy-trigger-finger people, and we want them now! Join “The Celestial Pub”!

(OcelotFIST2) #6

Come and join a fun group of people!

(OcelotFIST2) #7

Still searching for pvp-minded pilots, send in your application or join ‘The Celestial PuB’ in-game!

(OcelotFIST2) #8

We’re recruiting, come join “The Celestial PuB” when you want to know more!

(OcelotFIST2) #9

Join ‘The Celestial PuB’ for a pint and some nice talk, and get yourself recruited!

(So San) #10

Where are you guys based?

(OcelotFIST2) #11

Hi guys, we’re searching for more members, searching to grow and develop. Come join us!

(OcelotFIST2) #12

More ppl needed, pvp isn’t going smooth enough yet!

(OcelotFIST2) #13

Hey guys, searching for more people to bolster our numbers!

(Azrael Hunts) #14


(Salted Peanut) #15

Hey, we’re searching for new members for our growing corp. Come help us shoot at things! Come by ‘The Celestial PuB’ to hang out.

(Azrael Hunts) #16

Are you looking for wormhole and k-sapce pvp?
PI and PvE for Isk?
Then come and have a chat with us!
Join ‘The Celestial PuB’ in game, or message Azrael Hunts or ocelotFIST2.

Come join a small, close knit community and help us grow!

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