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Hi there,
we are The Celestial Lords! To help us grow, we’re looking for pvp-minded-pilots to expanse our wormhole-corporation! With the goal to become mercs, we’re building up and advancing our fleets, yet we need more raw flesh to do so!

For now we are concentrating on recruiting EU-timezone pilots. If you’re from another timezone, but your activity-times overlap for a good part, it might work aswell, but there’ll be many times you’re alone probably, so think about that beforehand!

What we offer:

  • VoiceComms
  • organisation-tools
  • regular fleets in EU-timezone
  • some experienced guys who share their knowlage
  • openminded community

What we expect from you:

  • full API

  • to be on VoiceComms

  • an interest in pvp

  • while we don’t have sp-requirements, you should be able to:
    • properly scan
    • fly your racial cruisers to some degree

  • you should also bring a willingness to:
    • contribute in corp-operations
    • train into needed skills for fleets
    • learn about game-mechanics

Join the Celestial Lords! Now!

Looking for a new place to hang around? Join ‘The Celestial Pub’ and have a chat with us

We are still searching for people to join our venture. Join the ‘the celestial pub’ channel ingame or send a mail to OcelotFIST2

Interested in joining? Come join the rectruitment channel ‘the celestial pub’ or send a mail to OcelotFIST2

We want those happy-trigger-finger people, and we want them now! Join “The Celestial Pub”!

Come and join a fun group of people!

Still searching for pvp-minded pilots, send in your application or join ‘The Celestial PuB’ in-game!

We’re recruiting, come join “The Celestial PuB” when you want to know more!

Join ‘The Celestial PuB’ for a pint and some nice talk, and get yourself recruited!

Where are you guys based?

Hi guys, we’re searching for more members, searching to grow and develop. Come join us!

More ppl needed, pvp isn’t going smooth enough yet!

Hey guys, searching for more people to bolster our numbers!

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Hey, we’re searching for new members for our growing corp. Come help us shoot at things! Come by ‘The Celestial PuB’ to hang out.

Are you looking for wormhole and k-sapce pvp?
PI and PvE for Isk?
Then come and have a chat with us!
Join ‘The Celestial PuB’ in game, or message Azrael Hunts or ocelotFIST2.

Come join a small, close knit community and help us grow!

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