Recruiting New/Old PVP Pilots! Join Celestial Cartel Today!

We are looking for dedicated pilots to join our ranks. We do not ask that you make EVE your life, although we won’t argue(: We only ask that you participate at least a couple of times a week.

We are based in the EU and US timezones and we are more than willing to help guide less experienced pilots in the ways of PVP!

In CECA you will have but one primary purpose: To kill ■■■■ and have fun!

We are currently based in High Sec and maintain our PVP through Null and Low sec roams.

We also encourage a number of PVE activities so that you may fund your PVP. With only 5% tax and no wars, all of your high sec activities will go unaffected.

We fly as a single unit and are committed to being better today than we were yesterday, learning from our mistakes. We have some big goals and require skilled players such as yourself to help us reach them. None of us could do it alone, we draw our strength from our members to overcome any obstacle and beat any odds. We fight till the bitter end.

We strive to be the best,
Will you be part of it?

BRIEF CORP HISTORY: The corp was founded by Unkeal B in 2003. He ran the corp as CEO from then up until October 19th, 2020 when he resigned as CEO and handed the title to Chaser One who has served as a director within the corporation since 2013. The corp itself has joined a few alliances throughout its time. We saw our height while a part of Circle-Of-Two (RIP gigx) where we lead the way in the defense of Tribute. We have had various highs and lows throughout our time as a corporation. We are in the process of rebuilding our corp to be one of the top PVP corps in-game as it once was.

Join us on Discord! (Recruits welcome!)
Check out Celestial Cartel’s Youtube Channel!

NOTE: Discord is mandatory for corp involvement. You must also have a microphone and are able to join voice on discord during fleets. No Exceptions.

IMPORTANT: Our apologies to Alpha pilots. We are only currently recruiting Omega Clones at this time.

If you would like to know more information or are interested in joining please, contact Chaser One or Unkeal B in-game by mail, via our recruitment channel: CECA Recruits, or join our Discord.

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