Returning Pilot 65m SP Looking For an Active PVP primarily Focused Corp with PVE Elements (UK Timezone)

Hi There

I’m just returning back to eve after a 10 year absence from the game but wanting to get back into it heavily
I started my EVE Journey back in 2007 but I’ve only ever “Dabbled” with the game as I’ve always found it especially early days very daunting
and I’ve never found a corp that I can properly call home and has 100% gelled with myself
so I’ve always found myself drifting away

I’m now back after my longest and most recent absence of 10 years and I’m looking to finally crack the shell and get involved in this amazing game
I do and will require quite a bit of assistance getting caught back up to speed and never being “properly” involved with PVP before I have a lot to learn in that sector
I am however very willing to learn and can integrate very nicely as part of team, I’m not worried about getting my hands dirty, losing ships etc
and I’m always happy to tailor my skill learning in a direction to help my corp and try to learn a role

I’m located in the UK so ideally a UK / EU Corp would be fantastic, hope to hear from you

Messa Blitzscreen

o7 Hope all is well after having a read of your post i’d think you’d make a good fit for us ive linked a post below containing details please contact me if you are interested

You are welcome with us.

Thank you very much for your replies, I’ve received some EVE Mails as well, will be checking out your corps, hopefully having a chat and then joining one of your fine ranks.

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o/ small euro corp, Im UK, just joined Brave collective, tight group of trusted brothers, alot of whom ive known for years in game, always on look out for new players - put the kettle on, jump into shield107 and lets have a chat about whether we might be good fit for each other over a cuppa… ( also have FW toons/alts, thats fun, and silly plexin isk earner… )
cheers Edrik Prime.

Hey, Messa!
We might have what you’re looking for!
You can check out more info on us through the link provided as well as info on how to get ahold of us if you so wish to chat and see if we vibe!
We’re a pretty chill group and are always looking to add more people to share our EVE knowledge with and to help grow!
We look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

  • Jaded

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