Combat pilot 102m SP Price Chek

i will drop corp and sell if i found the right buyer in new private thread ofc with all rules

80b Isk ready.

82.0 bil

83 bil

thanks for offers guys ill pm in couple days 1 of you to make the transaction

I wish I were a better hacker… :=/

Dude, what is your real password??

Edit: N/M… guessed it on the 2nd try.

84b Offer

pass:1234 my fault sory



88 bil stil count?

your thread is kinda old and the market has changed. I will give you an offer of 82bil. online right now and ready to send isk once accepted…


for sure this thread is full of sh!t… seller using his own alts to pump up the price, like shell bidding on eBay. do not fall for it, people.

83b good for 24 hrs

ok sure

ill accept this offer and i can be ready for sale in couple hours after you confirm.we make new thread for private sale.
waiting your answer

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