WTS 108M sp supcap, logi pilot

Link to Eve Board

Opening Bid: 85B

85B B/O offer

Edit: If you accept your B/O, I can send isk & account info. Just let me know

Right on, that’s why I set it, so I could accept it :smiley:

I’ll do 86. Online now.

okay, if y’all wanna turn this into an auction, I’m game

Please confirm and I’ll send the isk right now.

86.5B, and I am online atm

87 :slight_smile:

I’ve received an in-game offer of 88B

89 bil

90 bil

93 bil

94 bil

95 bil

Friendly bump

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if this offer is still valid, I’m prepared to accept it.

ok, I’m online now @Athena_Meter

I was asleep by then. Go ahead and send the ISK and evemail me the account info.

ISK and account info sent via in-game mail.

Sale Completed