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Combat Wombat is a growing community which is founded in 2016, and formed by long time partner corporations. Most of them know each other for years and we have a family feeling in our alliance.

We own SOV in Wicked Creek and we don’t got here to make us friends we have no annoying blue fuckery!
We are a mainly PvP focused Alliance, but we also have space for every other Playstyle like mining, prodding and ratting.

That means: All of u can have fun up here, when u go conform with our rules. :slight_smile:

We offer:

  • Own SOV for Ratting, Mining and Prodding
  • Small → Mid → Large Scale PvP
  • A relaxing and family community
  • Competent answers for every upcoming questions in EvE
  • An experienced and mostly competent Leadership
  • PvP Training for all who wants to learn it
  • Personal Development

We expect:

  • Activity!
  • Supporting the Alliance, not only Soloactions!
  • A respecting and grown up behaviour. Fun is allowed but Fun also has it own borders.
  • Fun by playing EvE :slight_smile:

If u have interests in joining the most fluffy and dangerous thing in space, join our Ingame Channel: WOMBO Public or write directly to King DarkdeY or Maxcraft Spectre.

o7 and Fly Safe

Corp looking for Alliance
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We are still searching for new Corporations :slight_smile:

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We are still searching for new corporations :slight_smile:

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still looking for corps :slight_smile: