Come and fight with us - one of the best PVP regions in the game right now!

The Dark Vanguard is a an active EU TimeZone PVP Corp based in the Null Sec region Detorid and a pround member of the new alliance VINDICTIVE.

Detorid is a very active region for and we have multiple fleets/engagements every day. Small gang, large fleets, capitals and supers - we’ve got it all!

In game Channel: TDVG Pub

We are actively recruiting EU TZ PVP pilots who aren’t afraid of putting themselves on the front line, fighting out numbered and actively seeking engagements.

We’re looking for active and Null Sec competent people to fly with us. We’re laid back and mature so we totally understand RL comes first and there are no expectations to alarm clock fights and sit through hours of TiDi.

What we are looking for:

  • Proactively seeking more content creators and FCs
  • PVP focussed with some null sec experience
  • Decent level of SP (no absolute minimum limit)
  • No alphas
  • Capital alts prefered (dread/FAX alts)

What we can offer:

  • Laid back mature corp of like minded people
  • LOTS OF FLEETS AND FIGHTS! Typically there are multiple fleets per day (non-mandatory) plus we run regular gate camps and corp roams
  • SRP (inc. caps)
  • Cap & Super Cap fights

Get in contact - either mail me in game, reply here or join our ingame public channel “TDVG Pub”

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Time for weekend fun, join us today to get in all the action.

End of weekend, good time to consider joining our corporation.

Bumpity Bump!

One week since last weekend. A short time in our life but it could been better with us.

It almost the weekend so come and chat…join our ingame public channel “TDVG Pub”

I know you want it, we want it, join this weekend to get extra pat on back.

LFGP, ♪They want you, they want you
They want you as a new recruit ♪

:smiley: We were there!

+1 shiny killmail for the killboard

It’s been busy, but we’re still here and still looking for EU PVP bros!

Another shiny kill :smiley:

Still recruiting in the EUTZ. Come join some of our newest recruits today!

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Bumping, still looking for EU PVPers