Come join Ganja Clade out in Sov Null and make some friends, while shooting people who aren't our friends, all while getting a little high

Eve is whatever you make of it…

It’s the sandbox that brings the old, the young, the new and the bitter Vet together.

What makes this game great is simple, it’s the community. All the shared moments, the late-night chats, the laughs, the cries, and the time that we spend together doing something we enjoy.

At Ganja Clade we don’t care if you only have a few hours a week to play, we don’t care if you’re the obsessed that spends all their hours playing this sandbox. The only thing we care about is that you want to become part of our growing community. We don’t want just another number, we want players with personalities that will help us grow and become a little better.

We are a long-standing group of players that has seen the best and worst of Eve and can help you in whatever path this game takes you. Most of us are industrial pros that like to shoot anything that’s not blue. We don’t ask for fleet participation, real life comes first, however we do ask you join any fleet pings you can when online, we have plenty of opportunities for fights.

We are currently based in Sov Null and mostly USTZ however all are welcome. We are not perfect, we are still growing however we can offer:
• PVP with experienced FCs (everything from small gang to Cap battles)
• 100% Alliance SRP
• More Null ratting sites that we know what to do with
• Moons for making that fat isk (R4s to R64)
• Jump freighter services
• Industrial Stations to cover all your manufacturing needs.
What we require:
• Minimal 25 mill SP and be over 18 (Omega)
• Working Mic (we use Discord & Teamspeak)
• Willing to fly/train into doctrine ships (Faction, Hac, and eventually Capital)
• A chilled personality that does not mind a dark joke
• Dread alt or working towards one
• Full ESI check

At the end of the day Eve is just a game, a game that truly becomes great when you have the right people beside you. If we sound like the right people, then come have a chat on discord.

Or contact in game –Dorothy Mantoothe (USTZ), Topcat1bill (EUTZ), Deathwind2097 (USTZ) and find us in the game channel The Hotbox Lounge.

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