Come Join some Weirdos! Tweaked44 is recruiting!

Looking for a laidback no stress corp??

Look no further than us. We are small Indy corp dedicated to Hi Sec PVE content.

We are here to Talk, Chew bubblegum, Earn ISK (to do stupid stuff), and have fun. Bubblegum is optional. We are war free, growing and looking to move up the industry tree as such we allow corp members to use our BPO’s at no charge while in the Corp and a profit sharing plan for Corp ops.

Join Tweaked Recruitment or send me a mail in game!!!

Still Recruiting!!

Hey folks we are still actively recruiting. Please remember we are a Hi-Sec PVE corp. While we are not adverse to PvP it is not our primary focus.

We offer training for new players in the PVE aspects of the game, Mission running assistance, weekly mining ops from the corp with profit sharing, access to corp blue print originals for crafting, and in general a laid back environment for our members.

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