Tweaked44 is recruiting for new members!

Tweaked44 is now recruiting for new members. I have been away from the game for about 9 years and looking to form my own industry and high sec operations style corp. (with options to move to other things later.) What we offer is pretty laid back with occasional fleets for corp members to join for mining or mission running. We also have a small library of Original Blue Prints that we are currently expanding for corp members to use. Apply in game or let me know here!!!

Do you guys have a discord?


What time zone IRL?

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Us Mountain

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I’d like to apply for membership. I haven’t joined a Corp in years, so I need to know how.

In game you look up tweaked44 click on corp info and should be an option to apply there. I can also send you an invite when I get back on game if this is the character you are applying from.

Thanks! Applied in game. Not sure why the EvE client apparently submitted to applications.

Sounds good will get it accepted shortly

We are still actively recruiting!! Hi sec ops, mining, mission running, escalations, and abyssal sites!!!

Friendly Little Bump, We are still looking for active members who like to do Hi Sec stuff!!!

Still looking for new members. We are a small corp at the moment but looking to grow with a nice group of casual players that are looking for a group of folks to fly with and talk with. While we do have corp projects and ops to participate in there is not a requirement to participate in them. Find out more in game or join our discord listed above!!!

Still looking for more folks. Operating out of the Border Regions of Caldari and Gallente Space!!

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