Come live in a WH huff gas make isk USTZ

Pints and Prospectors is a small Corp focused on making isk and having FUN

We currently live in wormhole space and are harvesting all we can from it. Gas and combat sites are almost an everyday thing. PVP happens when it wants to. We are also looking for a pvp FC to help build and train a nano fleet for weekend hunting

If you have never lived in a wormhole before NP we can show you how to stay alive long enough to make isk. Everyday in a wormhole is different.
Your free to do what You want or join fleets when they’re up. Very laid back play style.
Just making isk and having fun.
Corp Buyback on Gas & Ore
If Your interested in hearing more stop in our public channel in game PR-UN or contact Tobi Jetson

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